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Kommentti I / Koммeнтapий I, 2011


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Vladimir Zorin organized a Russian-Finnish land art event "Kommentti I" (Comment I) together with the cultural association Lila in Tolstjakovo village, Russian Karelia, in August 2011. The theme was to comment on the environment.

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Igor Monakhov (Petrozavodsk), A MIRAGE

The metal reflects the surrounding landscape. The object dissolves in the space, the vanished village of Tolstjakovo that doesn't exist on the map.

Electrical Time Bell

Marja-Elina Uusitupa (Helsinki), ELECTRICAL TIME BELL

The space-sound sculpture, the timer of the village without electricity tells the time, the time for meditation, the time for a meal when so wished. Consists of electrical parts that still can be found in the villages without electricity.


Vladimir Zorin (Petrozavodsk), MARKS

The little that is left of the time gone - the stone ridges are piled of the stones picked up from the surrounding fields. I have created marks onto these stone ridges - like a symbolic story, a reminder of the old days when the place was full of life.

A Tribute to the Big Pike

Veikko Björk (Helsinki), A TRIBUTE TO THE BIG PIKE

During the full moon, the Big Pike ascends from the Lake Padmozero to sing on the hill nearby.
I opened up the route by cutting the hay and built a stair in the lake-shore slope. The wooden pike on the top of the hill guides you to the route and the fishing waters. Down in the lake there is a pole. Adapting the folk traditions, you can bind a wishing ribbon on it. The beach with sandy bottom is also a good place for swimming.

Monument for the Quail Cock

Kaarina Ormio (Helsinki), A MONUMENT FOR THE QUAIL COCK

When the cat ate Ludmila's quail cock, the female quails sang mourning songs for him.
The monument is in an important place in the garden, in the corner of the yard. The Quail is made of broken heirloom dishes saved in the house cupboards.

Asteri and astra

Tiina Hallakorpi (Helsinki), SAY IT WITH FLOWERS, installation

We speak Finnish and Russian on the camp. We Finns say "everything is so familiar, but different - but just a little different".
I have chosen flower names that sound similar both in Finnish and in Russian, and written them onto the greenhouse. During this visit I only had time to pick up flowers and hang them to dry, but art is a place where we can imagine the fowers to the greenhouse.

Long Live the Life

Viktoria Zorina (Petrozavodsk), LONG LIVE THE LIFE

This house is built of pine logs. I also planted small pines as a symbol for the continuity of the life. I have built a fence around them, because often when cutting the grass also the small pine saplings have disappeared.


Evgenia Terentieva (Petrozavodsk), A MEMORY

Only people fill the house with happiness, hope and love. The unforgettable house, for us it is alive.