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Lila Dance & Company will perform at the opening of KOLI Environmental Art Festival on 13th June 2015.

Lila Dance & Company was born around the choreographer Toni Keski-Liikala's Snail Trilogy within the Finnish-Russian Comment project, in 2013. Lila Dance Company consists of visual artists and presents dance in an inter-cultural way. The professional presence of the visual artists had a significant role when Toni created his dance pieces.

Kotilo Post Scriptum
31st July 2014 Kommentti Post Scriptum in the Petrozavodsk Finnish Theatre in the opening of a photography exhibition documenting the environmental part of the Kommentti project Kommentti I and II

The Snail Trilogy was shown at the community center Bokvillan's Culture Sunday on the 3rd of November, 2013, in Arabia, Helsinki.


The Snail Trilogy got started in Bokvillan park in Arabianranta neighbourhood, that was one of the venues for the Comment project in Helsinki. When starting the work there was a snail on the stage, and this made the starting point for the trilogy theme. The slowness of the snail, and the sea and the sky opening out gave birth to a trilogy telling about wanderlust and dreams.

Kotilon matka

The second part of the trilogy, The Journey of the Snail, was born in the harbour environment of Jätkäsaari. Since harbours are rugged and full of good byes, also the second part is based on these thoughts. So the snail continued its fictive life where a long voyage would be a scary experience for a small creature, but bring big expectations and fulfil dreams.


The third part of the trilogy, Destination, was created in St.Petersburg that as a big city gives an experience of being small, protected and almost invisible. Arriving was the dream of the snail, and in the end it ended up on the endless streets of St.Petersburg. The Snail-trilogy tells a story about how it is worth facing your dreams, even if you have to confront the reality.

Toni Keski-Liikala