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"Kommentti" was a Finnish-Russian site specific land art project of three years co-organised by the Cultural Association Lila and Association Land and Art from Petrozavodsk.

The first two years we made exhibitions to the environment of the village Tolstyakovo in Russian Karelia, and of Arabia neighbourhood in Helsinki. The third year we made our comments to gallery spaces in Helsinki and St.Petersburg.
Year 2014, we arranged "Kommentti Post Scriptum", a photo exhibition of the first two parts of the Kommentti project to the National Theatre of Karelia in Petrozavodsk Aug-Sep 2014. The exhibition is a part of the Karelfest environmental art festival.

Aims of the project

As artistic ambition the Comment project wishes to develop dialogue between artists whose traditions differ. Cultural differences and a dialogue which stems from that will be placed into the center in this project, where artists comment on each others work in the artistic terms.

"Comment" project wishes to develop a new kind of dialogue between Finnish and Russian artists. With this dialogue we wish to unite artists and create new ideas for new projects and collaborations in the future.

"Comment" is an innovate experiment, and we cannot predict the outcome in advance. In the Russian visual art tradition they are not accustomed to comment on other artists works so it is an interesting challenge! However we do not wish to place one culture or tradition above the other one, but on the contrary our aim is to create something entirely new out of these differences...


The foundation for the project was created in Olonyets during the First Internatial Karelian Land Art festival, organised by the Artists Union of Karelian Republic, and where Tiina Hallakorpi and Kaarina Ormio were invited as representative artists of Lila.

The First International Karelian Land Art Festival 2010, a trip to the Seven Lakes:
Vladislav Bulganin, Kaarina Ormio, Anatolij Titov, Viktoria Zorina, Tiina Hallakorpi and Vladimir Zorin