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Baltic Souvenirs is a site specific co-operation by artists in Helsinki, Tallinn, Stockholm and Saint Petersburg. It creates co-operational relations between artists in these cities on the shores of the Baltic Sea, and possibilities to map each other's and their common working environments.

The first phase of Baltic Souvenirs is carried out in Helsinki and Tallinn years 2016-2018. Summer 2018 there will be a Baltic Souvenirs cycling route in both cities with site specific artworks by it. The artworks are the artists' reactions or comments on the places. Maps on the routes will be printed both on paper and in internet.

Riding a bicycle gives you a wider and more versatile possibility to observe the urban environment. With a bike you get quickly to new and strange places that widen the experience of the city and encourage to explore and adventure.

Baltic Souvenirs will continue with the same concept 2018-2021 as interaction with artists in Stockholm and Saint Petersburg.

Baltic Souvenirs working group familiarizing itself with the Helsinki route

With Baltic Souvenirs we want to create grass root co-operation between artists in these cities around the Baltic Sea, we want to become familiar with each other's working conditions.

We want to make art about and to the everyday environment, show new aspects of the everyday life and thus reach new audience. Art can be a way to help observe our surroundings and find ways beyond the routines. It can also open the milieu in the dimensions of time and geography.

We also want to promote cycling as an easy, quiet and earth-friendly way to move around in cities and see both old and new places. Cykling leaves people more space to breathe and think. In addition it gives you a better mood and keeps you in a good physical condition.

The artists, the working group in Helsinki:
Veikko Björk, Tiina Hallakorpi and Kaarina Ormio

The artists, the working group in Tallinn:
Ulvi Haagensen, Erki Kasemets and Sven-Erik Stamberg

Other co-operation partners:
Kadri Kasemets, researcher, cultural geography at Tallinn University