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Baltic Souvenirs was a site specific co-operation that was planned to be carried out in Helsinki, Tallinn, Stockholm and Saint Petersburg. It's purpose was to create co-operational relations between artists in these cities on the shores of the Baltic Sea, and possibilities to map each other's and their common working environments. The project didn't get financing and thus hasn't been realized.

Lila's working group Veikko Björk, Tiina Hallakorpi and Kaarina Ormio invited Ulvi Haagensen, Erki Kasemets and Sven-Erik Stamberg from Tallinn to ride their bikes in Helsinki familiarizing with the environment. In return, Lila's working group visited Tallinn with their bikes. Even if the project didn't actualise this time, we made relations and saw the both cities from a new aspect.

Baltic Souvenirs working group familiarizing itself with the Helsinki route

Baltic Souvenirs working group familiarizing itself with the Tallinn route