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Comment III Helsinki   /   Koммeнтapий III Хeльcинки, 2013
Kommentti III Helsinki

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The exhibition was supported by the Finnish Cultural Foundation

8.-26.5.2013 Galleria Huuto Jätkäsaari 2, Tyynenmerenkatu 6, Helsinki

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Merkit II

Signs II, Vladimir Zorin (Petrozavodsk)

Plastic sheet, colored tape
          I comment my work "Signs" in Arabia (Comment II): "It is impossible to think of a life of contemporary people without hundreds and thousands of signs, which guide them in urban space. This is a comment of a place, of a metropol, where the density of signs is to be found at its maximum."
          In this exhibition I comment on the place and the space: Here in the gallery, the signs hang airily from the ceiling.


Icons, Marja-Elina Uusitupa (Helsinki)

Icons as part of a broader concept. Icons as holy images. Contemporary audivisual equipment as icons with their icons. Inside and outside, inner and outer state of mind.
          The Pike is the icon of our mind and our tradition. Pike has followed us from COMMENT I as a fairytale figure in the works of participating artists: Veikko Björk`s Tribute to Big Pike in Tolstjakovo in Russia and in Igor Monakhov´s Trail of Pike in Arabia in 2012 in Helsinki.
          The video Jätkäsaari L3 Busholmen ( lenght 00:02:37) is a peep into the beautiful magazine drawn by Lars Sonck and its surrounding landscape. Jätkäsaari with its magazines and cranes is one of Helsinki´s icons.


Suomenlinna, Igor Monakhov (Petrozavodsk)

During Comment II last summer, we made a trip to the island Suomenlinna. There were Finnish flags waving everywhere. They were stuck in my mind, and with my work I comment on this.


Cover Load, Kirsti Rautasalo (Helsinki)

At the Comment II exhibition, in the garden of the Book Villa, I put up "celebration flags" made of old book covers. After the rainy summer, when arranging the covers to dry, they took a shape reminding me of Igor Monakhov's The Trail of Pike in Water. Now, the ideas of these two works are combined in my Cover Load.
          This load is not a burden. Thoughts, even when carrying much weight, are always lighter than air. The covers have protected the infinity and the everyday world of the authors' thoughts, and they still remind us of it all: dreams, the present, days gone and lived through. They remind of an existence, where life keeps turning to many directions - like the trail of a pike in water. It has disappeared. It has not disappeared.

Kevätviserrys Galleria Huudon terassilla

Spring Chirp, Veikko Björk and Kaarina Ormio (Helsinki)

We build bird houses in different sizes to the terrace of Galleria Huuto. The biggest birdhouse is of size 210 cm x 90 cm x 90 cm. It's big enough for the singer Noora Hultin to nest. Inside the gallery you can follow the nesting performance of soprano Hultin in a small video image.
          The Spring Chirp is continuation for Kaarina Ormio's work "Monument for the Quail Cock" at Comment I and for Veikko Björk's work "Birdhouses" at Comment II.

A visitor in the birdhouse, performance, soprano Noora Hultin, cantor and heavy metal singer
        Tue 14 May at 2 to 4pm
        Fri 17 May at 4 to 6pm
        Sun 26 May at 2.30 to 4pm

Inside - Outside

Inside - Outside, Evgenia Terentieva (Petrozavodsk)

          My work comments on the windows of the gallery space, the inside and outside of them.

Tervetuloa! Dobró požálovat!

Welcome!, Tiina Hallakorpi (Helsinki)

Table, chairs, dishes, photograph
          The work is referring to Kaarina Ormio´s Monument for the Quail Cock (Kommentti I) and to my own work Arabian Treasurefield (Kommentti II) . Kaarina asked our hostess in Tolstjakovo to donate old broken dishes and Kaarina made a mosaic out of them on the ground. I in turn asked Arabia Factory to donate dishes which I "planted" on the ground (Kommentti II).
          Now I have picked the dishes up and set the table with them, asking the artists for a coffee. During this project we had had coffee together around the same table in Tolstjakovo and in Arabia. Now we have gathered here in Huuto and next we are travelling to St Petersburg. I wanted to go through the wall, across the border, to St Petersburg.

Varjo II

Shadow II, Victoria Zorina (Petrozavodsk)

Paper plates, tape
          Last year we had an exhibition in the Arabia district (ceramics factory in Helsinki), where I created an object called "Pine shadow". In Galleria Huuto I looked for a similar shade to mark it within my own vision. A column I saw in the gallery looked as the most inspiring thing, so I laid its shadow with paper plates. I chose those plates to comment on Tiina Hallakorpi's project - an installation made of Arabia plates. This way I made a comment on my last year project, on Tiina's work and on the exhibition place - Galleria Huuto.


Afterimage, Elina Autio (Helsinki)

I joined the group in summer of 2012 (Comment II) . Then I knitted my milieu-experiences into landscapes on birch tree trunks in the park (“ Summer triangle”). Tree in its different forms of existence and meanings seemed to interest also other artists in our group, which created a common ground; there was interesting communication with local people, too.
          In the urban beat of Jätkäsaari my thoughts fell upside down. The sea came near. Trees are still present as afterimages, reflections. The scenery turned into a mirage. The harbour is a place of transition.


The Journey of the Snail, Toni Keski-Liikala (Helsinki), a dance performance at the opening

          "The Journey of the Snail" continued the snail theme of last year. That time, the snail was only dreaming of a journey, but this year it started to do preparations, and finally it started sailing. In the performance, the snail had to follow a variety of port rules and regulations. Finally the snail´s big ship started to move following the pike´s traces.
          There is melancholy in the Journey of the Snail: the rugged harbour is full of goodbyes. In addition, a long boat trip would feel as scary and mysterious for a snail-size creature as a space flight for a human.

Toni Keski-Liikala