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Direction North - colour attack in St Petersburg Glass Museum

Taikametsä (Magic Forest): The "magic trees" of Playground Jakomäki children in Jakomäki library

Baltic Souvenirs: The Helsinki team exploring the Tallinn route:

Kalasataman Fisut (The Kalasatama Fish) being made in the playground Pikkutylli within the participatory art project Kalasataman POIJU:

A discussion about wisdom in Jakomäki library on May 31st 2016 (in Finnish).

A discussion about freedom in Jakomäki library on Tuesday 29th March at 17.30 (in Finnish).

Art Prescriptions went to Jakomäki neighbourhood.

Merihirviöiden maailma, the communal art project Art Prescription in Kontula library:

Communal art seminar Keskustelua osallistumisesta (Discussion about participation)
Fri 30th Oct from 12 am until 4 pm in the reading room of Kontula library

KOLIWOOD - Lila Dance & Company at the opening of KOLI Environmental Art Festival in June 2015


Lila Dance & Company at the community center Bokvillan, Arabia, Helsinki.

Lila Dance Company at Bokvillan

The Finnish-Russian site specific environmental art project Kommentti / Koммeнтapий (Comment) with Association Land and Art from Petrozavodsk, Russian Karelia: