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Kommentarij III Peterburg   /   Koммeнтapий III Петербург, 2013
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The exhibition is supported by the Ministry of Education and Culture in Finland.

Exhibition in Saint Petersburg in the Museum of Nonconformist Art in the Art Center Pushkinskaya 10,
on 8.9.-6.10.2013

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Merkit II

Trace, Evgenia Terentieva (Petrozavodsk)

By my work I would like to attract your attention to the fact that our behaviour, our actions and even our thoughts leave a real trace in our surrounding world...

Coda for old books and the great pike

Coda for old books and the great pike, Kirsti Rautasalo (Helsinki)

The line for catching the pike is tightened, as the strings of an instrument. The stream of the autumn air turns the pages of the books and keeps on singing new, silent songs.


Transformation, Victoria Zorina (Petrozavodsk)
Wood, acryl

My goal was to comment on water that unites all parts of the project. Water connects Saint-Petersburg, Helsinki, Petrozavodsk and Tolstyakovo.

Dream Boats

Dream Boats, Tiina Hallakorpi (Helsinki)

During last spring when we were building our Kommentti III Helsinki -exhibition in Galleria Huuto, in front of the gallery a white ship sailed to St Peterburg: left, returned and left... Our dream of leaving on the white ship did not come true but I decided to make art of it.
          "Dream Boats" work like this: "First make a wish, then walk around the installation. When the boats start to move due to air moving, they become alive and make your wishes come true."

Signs III. Table

Signs III. Table, Vladimir Zorin (Petrozavodsk)

Table is the starting point as well as the return point. After closing the door, a person gets inside a sign labyrinth of a megalopolis. Signs help him to find his way and to get back to his starting point.

Return of the Pike

Return of the Pike, Veikko Björk (Helsinki)

The video installation "Return of the Pike" releases the pike lost on the ground and in the culture, back to its own element water. On the top step there is the poem ”Hauen laulu” (The Song of a Pike) (Aaro Hellaakoski 1928).

A bit of information

A bit of information, Igor Monakhov (Petrozavodsk)

Every person living in a country is a particle of something large and complicated. As an element of puzzle or a byte of information people themselves fill the information volume.


Periscope, Kaarina Ormio and Veikko Björk (Helsinki)

Through the periscope you can be connected to life outside the gallery. You can see online video from the sea
taken by an under water web camera.

From St. Petersburg - in St.Peterspurg -  for St.Peterspurg

From St. Petersburg - in St.Peterspurg - for St.Peterspurg, Marja-Elina Uusitupa (Helsinki)

Memories, associations, and symbols from St. Petersburg. Installation, photo prints on plastic doily, each size 60x90 + video.

Small Windows

Small Windows, Elina Autio (Helsinki)

Contrast. Black and white shadow image of a ship leaving for St Peterburg. Summer city beaming with light, colours and life.
Solarigraphic and digital pigment proofs, knitted onion domes.


Destination, dance performance at the opening, Toni Keski-Liikala and Lila Dance Company
Snail-trilogy 3rd part

St.Petersburg is like a forest where you can get the feeling of being small, covered and almost invisible.
Snail-trilogy started by dreaming, and the last part tells about dreams that are becoming true.

Toni Keski-Liikala